About Us

Since our inception as a product line of Hughes Aircraft company back in 1955, Palomar Display Products has been the leading supplier of Optically Coupled (Biocular) Displays used in tracked and wheeled fighting armored vehicles such as the M1A Abrams Main Battle Tank, Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle , LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) 25, LAV 6.0, MPF (Mobile Protected Firepower) and M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. With an installed base of over 25,000 displays, we are the standard for all turreted gunner sights. Our advanced Next Generation (NGICU – Next Generation Image Control Unit) family of color, digital, 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p (future) and Multi-Input Optically Coupled Display engines are the natural selection for new vehicles and as an upgrade path for replacing legacy analog displays for all turreted, ground-mobile weapon systems.

Palomar Display Products Inc. is a small business.

Tracked and Wheeled Fighting Armored Vehicles we service:
  • M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
  • M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
  • Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle
  • LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) 25
  • LAV 6.0
  • MPF (Mobile Protected Firepower)