Palomar Display Products, Inc. relocates to a new facility and receives $7.8M foreign and domestic orders

Carlsbad, CA –February 22, 2016

Palomar Display Products, Inc. announced today that after 18 years at the Kellogg Avenue location, it has relocated to a new, modern facility at 5803 Newton Drive, Carlsbad, CA. This new facility is housing all departments of Palomar Display Products Inc., including Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing and a state-of-the art Environmental Test Laboratory. The new facility has been surveyed and approved by the US Government and it is currently fully operational.

In addition, Palomar Display Products, Inc. has recently received six domestic and international orders totaling $7.8M for thermal sight displays to be installed on the M1A2 MBT, Bradley IFV and LAV vehicles. These thermal sight, optically coupled displays are a combination of legacy CRT and next generation, Digital, HD, full color displays.

All deliveries under these contract will take place through 2016.

“Our new, contemporary facility is large enough to meet the increased demand we are facing for our products” stated Palomar Display Products President Paul Bell. “As the primary supplier of thermal sight displays for the US and International armored vehicle market we are ready to support our customers with their demands for legacy and modernization solutions.” Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Palomar Display Products, Inc. is a proven world leader in the development and manufacture of high-resolution tactical targeting displays that are installed on tens of thousands of armored vehicles worldwide.